About Lex


 I’m Lex , I live not far from the Pennine Moors. One of my favourite places to explore the myth and magic of nature.

I have worked for over 20 years with nature as guide and inspiration for my own healing alongside arts , poetry, ritual, music and deep inner journeying and I share this wisdom with others in playful and creative ways .

I draw on my experiences with shamanic practice Wild therapy, Embodied relational therapy and  Advanced Flower and Vibrational Medicine to support others.

I previously worked as a support worker within a variety of services including supported housing ( mental health and learning disabilities) carer support and elderly and dementia care.

I am currently part of the Legislative Theatre Action Network in Greater Manchester ( GM JOKERS ) working on a lived experience led Trauma Awareness Training (as a person w/ lived experience of trauma) and I have also been involved with the GM homeless action network and GMCA Homelessness prevention strategy.

I created space for nature in response to being unable to find support with mental health and wellbeing in spaces that were outdoors, close enough to people to not be in the middle of nowhere and suited to people like myself who need smaller groups of people to engage with and prefer to do activities that are flexible / optional.

You are welcome to come along to the land on Mondays and Wednesdays to just chill and enjoy the scenery or join in with whatever activities might be taking place . Theres no pressure to stay and no commitment to attend on a regular basis . The maximum number of people at any one time is typically 4-6 people.