I am Alexa and I live in the Northwest of England, not far from the Pennine Moors. One of my favourite places to explore the myth and magic of nature.

Nature has always been my teacher , healer ,guide and inspiration and after completing training in Wild therapy ,Embodied relational therapy and  Advanced Flower and Vibrational Medicine ,I wanted to offer others a Space with in which they too can connect to the healing benefits of nature.

Space for Nature offers opportunities for communities to come together to explore with nature and each other through simple nature connection and creative practices .

This may be through connection to the seasonal cycles, the elements and directions of the sacred circle and  wheel of the year , exploring the wisdom of plants , trees and animals or engaging in simple art and crafts in the presence and company of the outdoor wild spaces.

I enjoy all kinds of creative expression -writing poetry ,creating artwork , playing guitar , writing songs and working with story as a vehicle for personal healing and I enjoy bringing this creative element into my work with others .