Within each of us resides a Sacred Space, full of insight, wisdom, creative potency and intuitive knowing , gathered from lifetimes of living deeply, experiencing, expanding and exploring fully the multifaceted nature of our being.

A place where we know our true self.

Where we stand in our own power and our natural states of unconditional love, self acceptance, non-judgement and joy, allow for the flow of giving and receiving in mutual co-creation with all forms of life.

We remember to connect to ourselves, to others, to the Earth and all creation. We remember our rich and nourishing inner landscapes, our deep sense of peace and trust in our inner vision and instincts .

We co-create, shape and form our inner and outer reality in harmony and balance with all life.

Our wounds heal as we move beyond the confines of our old stories towards the life we deserve to live in all its beauty, darkness and light.

Deep within us is a place we all know as home. A place we re-member who we are and who we came here to be.

Where our feelings of loss, lack and separation from source are understood as the illusion they are. We reconnect to that which nurtures, supports and sustains us.

It is here, in this Sacred space, deep within our Souls, that we drink from The Well of Belonging.

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