Space for Nature Projects

Project 1- pathways and pruning

Initially the land was over run with brambles and there was no clear way through the abundance of vegetation that reaches up to 7 ft tall at the height of summer.

First patch we cleared . Its since grown back !
Thats all brambles growing through the trees. No . I couldn’t see them either !
First path was to the brew station and compost heap.

First up was to get on top of the brambles and create new paths through the land to make it safe for people to move around the site and preserve as much of the natural habitat as possible. This year we built one through the goat willow to break up the nettle and hogweed and managed to put down some wood chipping to keep down the weeds.

You can now see the trees AND walk through to the brew station all year round !! Yay 😀

Project 2 – create somewhere to sit !