Wild Wisdom Sessions

The Earth upon which we live and the world that surrounds us, our environments, our own bodies and senses,  have much to offer us by way of support and information, if only we can tune in and listen to their wisdom.

In these sessions I offer to support your own connection to your  innate wisdom and the wisdom and guidance nature is offering you in every moment .

animal cold color fog
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Wild wisdom offers a space for expression through creative activities, exploring and following our inner promptings ,to notice what is happening with in us and how that may be mirrored, projected or amplified by that which we come into contact with around us.

It allows permission to connect with our spiritual nature and with natures spirit, in all its forms, in ways that are helpful and beneficial. It gives a chance to explore and understand reciprocal relationship between that which is outside of ourselves and that which is within us, to realise we are deeply connected to and part of something more than just the human world.

close up of fox on grass
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You don’t need to follow any particular path or faith to do this work , just an openness to working with nature and a willingness to follow where it leads.

Wild Wisdom Sessions primarily take place outdoors so you will need to wear appropriate outdoor clothing and take responsibility for your own health and safety .

I offer these sessions as one to ones for those who wish to explore this in a more therapeutic capacity (essentially therapy which takes place in nature settings) and also run indoor and outdoor wild wisdom sessions in small  groups.

A Wild Wisdom Session could involve:

  • spending time exploring a particular theme such as ‘boundaries’ and what they mean to us or wildness and what it encompasses.
  • Deepening connection to an aspect of nature such as a river or tree to observe what it may have to share with us about its nature and how that is reflected in our own being.
  • A guided meditation in nature or a physical ‘middleworld’ journey.
  • exploring ourselves as an aspect of nature such as a plant or animal .
  • honouring nature in co-created and simple group offering.
  • or simply spending time together in community and connecting with each other.

I work in an intuitive way taking into account what I sense as emerging from those I am with.

This is a journey of learning for me as I develop my skills and my own way of working with others and I welcome any feedback /  suggestions people may feel inspired to share.

If you are curious about wild wisdom and want to know more- either come along to one of my events and try it for yourself  or contact me for 1-1 sessions by email at space4natureuk@outlook.com .